Domino's Pizza Case Study

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Decision making is the proses to identifying the problem and opportunities to use the best alternative to resolve them. There are many reasons that decision making is important for the company. Firstly, the company can achieve their objectives. The manager of Domino’s Pizza Company can use the decision making to achieve their target with their vision, which is to become NO.1 IN PEOPLE, NO.1 IN PIZZA, and their mission is to sell more pizza, have more fun. Decision making also can help the company optimum use of their resources. It can available resources are allocated properly for productive activities to minimizes wastage. The manager of Domino’s Pizza Company allocate their employees according with their skills. So, this will reduce the time ad cost to give training for them. Besides that, decision also can help company to control over the equipment usage and availability. With the decision, Domino’s Pizza Company’s resource managers can include all the machineries and equipment that are needed for different activities with contains the information like daily availability time, hourly cost, fixed cost, currency and others. So, resource manager could see the utilization report based on the available time of that resource and this will ensures that the right equipment is available at the right time for performing an activity. Next, the company will have higher efficiency. Using the decision making, Domino’s Pizza Company will efficient in order taking, production,

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