Dominos Pizza Hut Case Study

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This report has been prepared to analyze why domino’s pizza in Islamabad is not being as successful as it is in other regions and other parts of world. Why pizza hut and McDonalds having more market share than domino’s in Islamabad. As it’s the second largest pizza chain in United States.
The processes and strategies such as operating system, Strategy and competitive setting, supply chain and quality of dominos are analyzed. Theoretical strategies have been applied to evaluate the company’s operational strategy in terms of it product and service offering. The report is a result of team research, a store visit, interviews and insights from Dominos existing employees.
The study evaluates how Dominos has been able to position itself as a leader
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The Company has a unique business and operation model and is a pioneer in the fast food industry. Since1960, Domino’s Pizza has successfully expanded from three outlets in the US to9, 350 stores operating in seventy countries. Dominos operation in Pakistan and overseas uses the franchise model. The parent company, Domino’s Pizza LLC is head quartered in Michigan, USA. It maintains overall control on the sourcing and supplying of raw materials to the master franchises and enforces quality of the service and products sold.
There are regions defined by the parent company and in this division they consider that in Pakistan there are Muslims living and Saudi Arabia also had Muslim population so they categorize Pakistan under master franchise of Saudi Arabia. Same taste pizza is selling in Pakistan as sold in Saudi Arabia those people have different taste and Pakistani people had different that is the main reason why dominos is not having market share in Pakistan .The pizza offering by dominos is not according to the Pakistani culture .
The Dominos Corporate Vision statement Passionate focuses on the following key areas:
• Being better than the competition
• Ensuring a quality
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Their unique sets of strengths have helped the Company dominate the pizza food service industry, and a leader in the home delivery / take away.
2.7 The Value Chain
It is important to consider how a customer need drives Dominos to create the product. The customer need that drives the entire value chain is the need for a dependable take away restaurant, reasonably priced hot quality food and variety that suits the local palette.
Dominos has focused on these key customer needs throughout the value chain, and has not allowed any digressions in this area. Its global operational model allows for lean stores, well-trained staff and flexibility at a country level to customize menus to suit customer tastes. Operational requirements have prompted the use of technology to make the customer experience more enriching, it has a history of firsts – they were the first to use TV as a distribution channel, an online tracking system that allows customers to track the pizza order and a proprietary point of sale system. A combination of the Company level strategy and the Operational Strategy has resulted in Dominos having a reputation for reliability and consistent pizza quality) – these strategies have ensured that Dominos continues to meet its customer

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