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Sources and the Evaluation As an enthusiast of sports and fine dining, it was easy to fall in love with Don and Charlie’s Steakhouse located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Old Town Scottsdale is a bustling area with popular restaurants and nightclubs, with a handful of hidden gems. Tucked away on a little side street of Camelback Rd. sits a quiet and modest steakhouse. At first glance, you may think you will be dining in a cozy, dimly lit eatery, but that is far from the truth. Non-chain restaurants must rely on exceptional service and distinctive characteristics that set them apart and keep patrons coming through the door. That is exactly what Don and Charlie’s has been able to do. Since 1981, Don and Charlie’s has established itself as a respected…show more content…
It was interesting to see the different ways Marjorie Rice and Amy Martin went about describing their experiences. Although Rice numerously wrote about the food, the article seems to focus on the sports and memorabilia aspect of Don and Charlie’s. Rice is able to speak in detail about the different sport items Mr. Carson has ostensibly everywhere. Contrary to Rice’s take, Amy Martin, focuses on the food and customer service quality of the steak house. It is refreshing to see two positively written reviews about Don and Charlie’s have opposing…show more content…
Carson’s restaurant. Patrons are able to fall in love with the tasteful menu options, honorable customer service, and unique sports memorabilia that hides every square inch of wall space. For regulars that dine at Don and Charlie’s, I am sure they would love for it to remain a hidden gem. Modestly Mr. Carson describes his situation in Arizona as, “I think Scottsdale is a tremendous, tremendous tourism destination and I’m just happy to be a part of the Scottsdale community” (Carson, Experience Scottsdale). Don Carson seems to be a man that had an extraordinary vision and with a lot of hard-work, perseverance and a little bit of luck; was able to create a dining experience that myself, and many others will continue to enjoy for a long, long

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