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The marriage of Don and Joan Peterson was one that might be considered a fairytale at its earliest stages. They were the all-American couple living in the picket-fenced neighborhood that everyone adored. But under the surface though, there was something wrong; something terribly, horribly wrong. Joan came from a single mother with a modest background. Through her early school years, it became quite apparent that she was brilliant. Though she showed much promise through high school, Joan was the only person to finish near the top of her 1959 class that did not go to college. Instead, she stayed home a met a husband, Don. Don and Joan met at a grocery store on a sunday afternoon. It seemed that they had an electric chemistry right off the bat.…show more content…
With a startle, he woke to a familiar scent, although he could not place his finger on what it was. The story running across the screen was the lead story to the 4 a.m. news. “Good morning Chicago, I’m John Coleman. Four patients from the Chicago State Mental Hospital in Dunning, escaped earlier this morning. Two of the escapees were caught within the hour and another soon after. However, one escapee, who is a violent offender, Joan Peterson, is still at large. This is her picture. If you see her, call the police immediately, but do not engage her. I repeat, do not engage her, she is violent.” Don dropped his glass, which shattered upon impact. He knew at that moment why he felt so uneasy. Joan was in the house and Don knew it. He quickly got up from his chair and grabbed a decorative fireplace shovel. The house was quite dark, and only the glow of the television was able to illuminate the area. Don, shovel in hand, creepily made his way to the kitchen, then to the stairs. So far he had found no sign of disturbance. However, that familiar scent grew stronger as he made his way up to his bedroom. That scent, which Don knew to be Joan’s Chanel No. 22 acted as a warning sign that he was growing closer to his ex wife. When he got upstairs, he found his bedroom door to be shut. He opened it all the way to find Joan, laying naked in his

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