Don Birman Psychological Analysis

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Alcohol dependence disorder according to psychology matters is a condition resulting from the prolonged and usually intense consumption of alcohol which has resulted in psychological and/or physiological dependence on alcohol consumption. Alcohol dependence can cause significant turmoil in a person’s life. Alcohol dependence has been intertwined with childhood trauma: a person who experiences prolonged trauma during their childhood are at a greater risk of developing alcohol dependence in adulthood. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism approximately about seven to eight percent or seventeen million adults in the United States ages eighteen and older has or had an alcohol dependence disorder. Many people with…show more content…
Don Birman is supposed to spend the weekend with his girlfriend Helen and his brother Wick. Don Birman ends up missing the train and spends his weekend at the bar reminiscing about his past and everything that has gone wrong from drinking alcohol. Don Birman has met criteria one by evading his girlfriend and brother he spends an entire weekend drinking large amounts of alcohol that was not originally intended. Don meets criteria two in the movie when he managed to go ten days without alcohol. Criteria three and four are reached all throughout the movie one instant is when he is talking to Helen she invites him to a party he asks what kind she says cocktail party and he replies, “In that case, I’ll join you.” Criteria five is reached when he gets to the point when his drinking is more important to him than his writing. Criteria six and seven are reached when he blows off both his wife and brother to have drink all weekend. Criteria eight, nine, ten, and eleven are all reached by Don Birman as well. After watching the movie and noticing every criterion at one point in the movie and after analyzing those criteria’s and whether or not they have been met I have come to the conclusion that Don Birman does have a sever alcohol dependence

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