Don Bosco School Case Analysis

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SUBJECT AREA: The case analysis pertains to the study of problems of Don Bosco School, Siliguri. The main focus area in this case study is on the decisions made by the school management and a major dilemma in front of the management of the school. The decisions relate to various day-to-day matters and also some major changes that occur in the school. The problem in hand is that of balancing the opportunity cost with different options available and choosing the best alternative from a given number of options available. Other than the daily issue of regular purchases like furniture, equipment etc., a major concern for the school is if it should build a new auditorium or continue outsourcing the auditorium from outside for its regular needs such…show more content…
In order to achieve its objectives the school is to generate more funds by taking loans and enhancing the infrastructure provided. We plan to develop effective strategies to maximize the outcome of the investment and calculate and identify the flaws, if any, and suggest better measures. PRACTICAL/SOCIAL IMPLICATIONS: This case will help us in knowing how exactly the financials work for a school or an educational institution. It also gives us an insight about the decisions taken by the management such as those related to building of an auditorium and other smaller similar decisions. It takes into account the physical and the financial limitations and he external support provided by the government as well as the Don Bosco Foundation. This case will give us an idea about how to optimize costs, take related decisions, which are better in financial terms. Also, profitability is not the main concern here; rather, choosing the nest option out of the options available is the concern. The practical implications identified in this case study are as follows: • The insights into the association of costs incurred by the organization and analysis…show more content…
Go for a loan of Rs. 5 crores and build a smaller auditorium with an increase in students’ monthly fees. 6. Go for a loan of Rs. 10 crores and build a bigger auditorium without any increase in students’ monthly fees. 7. Go for a loan of Rs. 10 crores and build a bigger auditorium with an increase in students’ monthly fees. 8. Mention some of the factors that will influence the managerial decision about the same. Don Bosco School 7 SOLUTIONS: Ans. 1. SWOT Analysis • Principal, who can take crucial decisions at important times • Strong image in the region, especially in the education belts • Strong core competency of providing best in class service • Top class faculty devoted to the welfare of the students • Word of Mouth marketing agents of the horde of satisfied students who attract more fare from their peers and juniors. • Human capital of experienced and intelligent education professionals who enhance the brand appeal of the school in the region Don Bosco School 8 • Disrupts monthly cash flows • Increase in fees will discourage students and parents • A not so attractive school website, lack of proper information and not fully developed • Poorly trained support staff with most of them being contract/ temporary employees. It leads to a decrease in the efficiency

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