Don Delillo's Falling Man

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: A psychoanalytic Study of DeLillo’s Falling Man
T. Ganga Parameswari,
Research Scholar, Asst.Professor,
Department of English, V. V. Vanniaperumal College for Women,
This article discusses Don DeLillo’s Falling Man as a novel that explores the post traumatic stress disorder, a psychological shock and its effect after the attack on the Twin Tower on September 2011. People witnessed the attack. Media telecasted the attack immediately and repeatedly. It created a sensation throughout the world. People started questioning their beliefs. This article explores the mental state of the characters, Keith and Lianne of Falling Man. The crucial and pitiable status of the characters are detailed in this article.
Keywords: Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Media, Debris, Alzheimer, Organic Shrapnel
DeLillo has established himself as an author, an essayist and a playwright of the contemporary American Literature. Americana, White Noise, Underworld, Libra are some of his notable fictions that acclaimed him to be one of the best authors of America. His literary production to date includes sixteen novels and five plays. DeLillo’s writings deal with the contemporary American Society, which survives with the emerging issues like, toxic spills, consumerism, conspiracy, terrorism, mass media, cultural paranoia and wars.
DeLillo, a
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