Don Draper's Character Analysis

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Don Draper and Roger Sterling seemed to be the leaders of the advertisement company, Sterling Company Advertising Advertisement. Since it was during the 1960s, the women weren’t treated as equals and seemed beneath the men. The account executives, the men of the company, do unprofessional things like speak to the women any way they want, horseplay in the office and drink/smoke in the office no matter what time of day. “… intelligence, ambition, self-confidence, expertise, charisma, creativity, perseverance, flexibility, commitment, integrity, the ability to inspire and motivate others, social and emotional intelligence, and the ability to envision what the future ought to be (Northouse, 2010; Stogdill, 1974; Zaccaro, Kemp, & Bader, 2004)”. Don Draper showcases most of the traits said in the book. He inspires so many young executives and they start to act like him too. He works late hours and always thinks about what’s next. He always thinks about the future and so he doesn’t stop until he gets what he wants which is perseverance. He adapts to anything that is thrown at him so that means he’s flexible. The man has been working for the company for a while so he has expertise, self-confidence in what he does and he’s committed to his work like no other. He will stay up late,…show more content…
Don’s style of leading reminds me of the Path Goal Theory. Don is trying to mold the executives to be just like him. He pretty much is authoritative and the executives like it because they like it easier. Don has trained them to like what he does. Peter Campbell is, one of the executives, he really wants Don’s job, but to get it he says Don and him have to work together for him to achieve his goal. He has to play by Don’s rules to get what he wants. Hollifield, Wicks, Sylvie and Lowrey says, “… behaviors depend on whether they think their work will help them achieve their own goals” (p.
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