Don Giovani Character Analysis

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Mason Owings
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Professor Morey

A general description of a hero is a genius person that is unconventional and independent. Though these people are persecuted by people, who did not understand them they usually persevere in their task. This description is a perfect match for Don Giovani who we can say is a genius in his particular calling, he is independent, unconventional and embattled. A keen look at the character shows a person who is steadfast in his courage and is determined to keep his beliefs. This forms the climax of the opera and a clear artistic celebration of the heroic refusal of the church dogma. To be a hero, the person must be persistent in following a noble course.
Those who object to the notion that Giovani is a hero have
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It has been demonstrated that although he possessed bad habits, he was a straightforward person who easily spoke his mind. He disagreed in public and made it known what his mind was. This is one of the skills that make him a role model in modern times. However, like any normal human, he has the negatives, and we should learn from his mistakes just as we admire his positive qualities.

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