Injustice In Oedipus The King

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Human is most precious creation of God. The worthiest and most intelligent creature found in the world. Everyone in this world is not too good and not too bad. Human instinct, major attitudes and attributes of people. Speculations about the idea of mankind shape a piece of each culture. In the West, one customary inquiry focused on whether people are normally childish and aggressive or social and charitable. A more extensive issue is that of figuring out which apparently central human airs and attributes are common and which are the aftereffect of some type of learning or socialization. Late research in hereditary qualities, transformative science, and social humanities recommends that there is a mind-boggling cooperation between hereditarily…show more content…
Even if our courts and higher authorities do not take any step for their punishment lord is there for punishing them. Even if we look at the play Don Juan who first escaped from the Naples after harassing Isabella and after that at the shore he did the same with Tisbea and it continues. But no one punishes him neither the Spanish ambassador of Naples nor the King of Seville. But at the end. He ended up suffering from the wrath of Lord which was given to him by a dead person, who was killed by him. His name was Don Gonzalo. I have no such friend who suffered from harassment. But I could relate one girl who have being passed away because of being harassed. As I discussed above the girl of six year was being harassed. She was abducted when she was going for offering her religious rituals and later she was found being raped and murdered. The criminal was 23-year- old and was sentenced to death. He confessed all his crimes and on 17 February 2018, an anti-terrorism court in Lahore Central Jail, found Imran Ali guilty of raping and murdering Zainab Ansari. The court handed him four counts of the death penalty, one life term, a seven-year jail term and
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