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The Teachings of Don Juan speaks of the journey of Carlos Castaneda has with a brujo named Don Juan and his attempt to learn how to become a man of knowledge. While the knowledge Don Juan shares is specific to his way of thinking, the teachings can be applied to numerous aspects of my life. There are various teachings in the book that can be related to life in general. However, the four natural enemies are what I believe to be the most applicable when comparing what Don Juan teaches to my life.
Before I continue discussing the four natural enemies and how they relate to my life I feel it is prudent to give my view on them and how they differ from Don Juan’s. Don Juan states that one must completely beat the first enemy to fight the second and
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Throughout my life I have seen people die on a hill where they knew they were right and no one was going to convince them otherwise. Even after they had been proven wrong they clung to their belief that they were right and nothing could or would change that. I have seen friends stop being friends and family relationships become strained. One-way clarity relates to my experience and probably others is politics. Politics seems to bring the worst out of people if they are on different sides of the aisle. Each side thinks that they are clearly the only ones with the right solution to any given problem. This in turn severely hurts any chance of getting solutions to problems acted…show more content…
To defeat clarity, one must understand that their knowledge is not infallible and instead, at times, can be wrong. When someone says that I was wrong on any given subject that I feel that I know a decent amount about, I will do my best to prove that I am right and they are wrong. Clarity can put a stop to me learning new things and instead cause me argue to a point that is clearly not right. With all the problems that arise from clarity one must still understand that it can be beaten. To defeat clarity, one must understand that they are not always right, even though it may be an extremely daunting task. In the end, clarity is an enemy that I fight every day and don’t think I will ever beat

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