Don Juan's Argumentative Essay

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When first entering the restaurant, the distinct smells of fajitas and fresh tortilla chips invites people to their tables. The forever salsa stained menus offer a wide variety of options to choose from, at a cheap affordable price. The mediocre Mexican restaurant is located along San Jose Blvd. and is surrounded by large family communities. This restaurant attempts to deliver their customers a taste of authentic Mexican food. Don Juan’s is open from 11 am to 10 pm every day except for Friday and Saturday. On Friday and Saturday, their hours extend to 11 pm. If customers are looking for a restaurant with poor service and bland tasting food, then Don Juan’s is the perfect place.
In order to keep a Mexican theme in the restaurant, mariachi music
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The floors are coated with crushed tortilla chips and straw paper throughout the restaurant. When cleaning off the tables for the next customers, the bus boys use the same rag for cleaning the tables and booths for their area. If salsa got on the chips basket, it is wiped down and put back in the stack ready to reserve. In an effort to be efficient, the baskets are stacked by the chips machine to serve the chips and salsa faster. When stacking the baskets, a wax paper is placed in-between the baskets and the chips are served on top of the paper. However, what is not realized is that they wiped the baskets with the contaminated rags they used for the tables, then the basket is placed on top of the wax paper they put your chips on. So complementary tasty tortilla chips are contaminated by the germs of the previous people who sat and ate at the restaurant earlier. That’s not all, the restrooms were a disaster. The paper towel mountains flowed out of the multiple trash cans onto the floors as if it has not been maintained in days. The broken and barley functioning sinks caused the entire counter to be a large puddle of water. On top of that, the soap and towel dispensers were also empty. This left customers no possible way to cleanse themselves of this gross
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