Don Marquis Abortion Essay

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Don Marquis offers the following argument against the moral permissibility of abortion: 1. It is wrong to deprive any determinate individual of having a “future like ours” (FLO), that is, of the future valuable experiences that its future may contain. 2. To have an abortion is to deprive a determine individual (a fetus) of a FLO. ---------------- 3. Therefore, it is wrong to have an abortion. Marquis’s justification for premise one is that a fetus is a person. He believes that fetuses have a future of value and that it is wrong to deprive an adult of their future value. Also, marquis supposes that killing a being with a right to life is seriously morally wrong because it has such future, in other words, a great value. An example that best explain his argument would be something like if the younger you are when you die; the more of your life is taken or lose. Like children, they could drown and die or be killed in the womb. This is sort of how Marquis thinks about abortion. He tries to establish this argument by making it against abortion without depending on the controversial premise. He seems to struggle a little bit with this argument. From what we know, he…show more content…
He believes that embryos don’t have a sentience. To do something wrong, we have to deprive from an actual individual of their possible future. In cases like this, there is no individual who is wronged. When it comes to the having a valuable future, one must take an interest in that specific future. Fetuses can’t take an interest in their future so they lack interests. For example, if there is someone who is unconscious that takes no interest in the future but life support CAN be in the interest because it is something that takes no interest in it. So killing the fetuses is wrong because they do not take any interest in. I ultimately believe my objection over contraception succeeds in undermining Marquis’s
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