Don Quixote Insanity Analysis

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The Adventures of Don Quixote written by Miquel de Sercantes Saavedra is a novel that shows the journey that Alonso Quixana goes on and how he sees the world differently than others typically do. Alonso Quixana has a tendency to cross the line that separates fantasies from reality. He became so obsessed with books that were about chivalric romance that they make him lose his mind and decide to roam across the country as a knight named Don Quixote. Throughout the novel his actions raise a few questions to his readers. In the beginning he is completely insane and towards the end he shows more sane behavior. Is he choosing to act as a man whom is insane or is it out of his control? When did his sanity disappear, and what helped him return to his sanity throughout the novel? In the novel Don Quixote has no sense of where he is going on his adventures, he has not planned them out, and does not have a specific goal in mind. Don Quixote is a man of courage because he knows how he wants to live his life and instead of just imagining it he makes his dreams into his own reality. In the second half of the…show more content…
Everybody who listened to Don Quixote give his speech about knighthood could not think to call him insane. “In this manner, and with these rational arguments, Don Quixote continued his discourse, and no one listening to him at that moment could think of him as a madman” The insane Don Quixote usually uses violent actions to solve problems as everyone can tell from the novel. It is when Don Quixote and Sancho are at the inn again that Don suprizes his readers again. Some of the guests staying at the inn try to leave without paying and unlike his usual-self, Don Quixote calmly talks to these guests and they “had made peace with the innkeeper, for the persuasion and good arguments of Don Quixote rather than his threats had convinced them to pay all that the innkeeper
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