Don Quixote Unamuno Analysis

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Now that we have started to read part of Don Quixote and Unamuno, there is something that resonates with me. It has to deal with the following quotes from Unamuno:
“The one who considers himself the leader is often being led, and the faith of the hero feeds on the faith he inspires in his followers….We must usually be believed so that we may believe in ourselves; if it were not a monstrous heresy and a manifest impiety I would maintain that God is nourished by the faith that men feel in Him” (Unamuno, 160).
It is through this quote that I, or so I believe, view being a leader in a new light. While it commonly thought that a leader, say a supervisor or your boss, is leading you (say by simply giving you instructions) it is rarely the case that we believe that we are also leading them. What I mean by this is that we commonly view leadership as a single downward communication chain and never as a two-way
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That is, those being led (the subordinates) are also able to lead their leader (the supervisor or boss).
This can also be expanded further, as stated in Unamuno, to mean that there is a good deal of Quixote in Sancho. While we may regard ourselves to be of one type of person, the truth of the matter is that that is not necessarily the case. Rather, we tend to discover that we tend to belong to not one extreme or the other, but instead be composed of a mixture of both.
I believe this would make more sense by explaining it in terms of politics. For instance, I would regard myself to be a Democratic. However, when it comes to several controversial issues, for instance Obamacare or abortion, I tend to be more inclined to agree with the Republican side. So, while I may regard myself to be a full Democratic, the reality is that I will also encompass the other side within myself in certain
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