Don T Breathe Film Analysis

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Don’t Breathe portrays suspense and fear in similar ways to other thriller films. In the beginning Rocky acted by Jane Levy, Money acted by Daniel Zovatto, and Alex acted by Dylan Minnette begin by robbing different homeowners as a means to acquire money to support their family as well sell the unneeded items. This excitement ended when they decided to rob a blind veteran who supposedly has $300,000 in cash in his home. Money without thinking of the repercussions decides to break in and attempt at robbing the blind man named Norman Nordstrom played by Stephen Lang. Money then unthinkingly pulls out a gun on Nordstrom, but he uses self-defense against Money and kills him. As this is occurring, Rocky remains hiding in the closet and notices Nordstrom open a hidden safe with the money inside. Once he leaves, Rocky steals the cash and head out of the closet. Nordstrom suspects Money’s the only one in the house, but as Rocky and Alex slowly try to walk away from the scene, a floorboard squeaks and scares the blind man into placing his home on lockdown. In an attempt to survive, Alex and Rocky see a door that leads to the basement. In the basement, they find a woman tied…show more content…
These deaths occur due to three delinquents choosing to partake in illegal and dangerous acts which don’t always have a good ending. This film included scenes in which the audience wonders how a blind veteran can kill three people, kidnap a woman, and lock her up with no help. As a spectator, this film is worth watching for entertainment and a lesson to take away for those who break into homes. This film centers around the dangers and repercussions of breaking into homes not knowing how safe one will be and if they will make it out. It provides a lesson for viewers to be couscous of valuable items held in their homes and to not go showing them off as a way for strangers to know one obtains these valuable
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