Don T Brryson Tiller Analysis

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When Bryson Tiller released “Don’t” from his bedroom in October 2014, nobody expected him, probably not even himself, to end up debuting a full album a year later that reaches number 11 on Billboard 200. But “Trapsoul”, true to its name of combining trap and r&b, is a major success because of Tillers ability to blend his rapping and melodious singing in almost all of the 14 tracks available. The second song, “Let Em’ Know” is a testament to his abilities and basically summarizes how the entire album is going to sound. Switching from rapping to singing in his second song “Exchange”, which was released as a single for the album is a fan favorite for a reason. Tiller reminiscing over a past love is something all his fans can appreciate. He continues his melodious singing until “Ten Nine Fourteen” when he switches up his sound to a rap flow that does not disappoint hip hop fans. He touches on his come up in the song, and causes listeners to get up and feel motivated. He continues this feeling of motivation with his rapping until “Sorry Not Sorry” which combines his rapping and singing better than almost all of his other songs.

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