Don T Call Me Kid Analysis

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I live my life by the motto everything happens for a reason. This can be true in many situations, no matter what happens there will be something good just around the corner. In the story “Don’t Call Me Kid” from Pamela Carter Joern’s book In Reach; the story is from the point of view of a young boy named Jason, whose parents’ get divorced. Having your parents get divorces is a hard thing to go through at any age. Jason goes on a small trip with his father. At first, it is very hard to just open up to him after all these years, and many things happen on this trip which makes them both open up their ears to one another. I can relate to this piece of writing, which is why it really stood out to me. My dad left at a young age; it was hard not having a father in my life. But as a result, I got an amazing stepdad, who I consider my father and he raised me as his own. Also, even though bad things happen, something good will always come out of it. Every relationship is different, and sometimes that results in having a hard time trying to communicate with each other.…show more content…
Their relationship was very unclear in the beginning and they were not as close as a normal father son relationship would be. It seems as if Jason did not have much interest in connecting with his father. When they were about to go on their trip together, it seemed as if Jason would find anything to just bother his dad about, or tell him to not do something. For example when they were in the car Jason told his dad to stop smoking and having the air on with the windows down. It seemed as if Jason just wanted to find stuff to try to irritate his dad. As the story went on, Jason ended up shooting a buffalo, which made his dad so proud. From here on out, it seemed as if they would become close again, but we are left in
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