Don T Die In Fansipan Analysis

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Don’t die in Fansipan
This time about 3 years ago, I was so sad hearing about a young talented student named Anh, from my home town, Xuan Dinh, missing in Fansipan. I heard no further news about him since then. 5 days ago, I shared a face book link, looking for an English backpacker, Aiden Webb, who was reported missing after a week in Fancipan, the highest mountain in Vietnam. Sadly, the morning news revealed he was found death after a week missing.
With all respect to his family’s privacy during the tragedy, I would like to warn all tourists who want to climb Fancipan mountain in Vietnam by sharing my translation of a good article about the basic survival skills when get lost in this area. The article called “Don’t die in Fancipan”. I only summarize and translate the survival skills and will exclude all comments about Aiden Webb’s preparation for his trip in respect of Anh, Aiden and his family’s privacy. My only one comment: if any, regardless of
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Sometimes your chance of survival deceased because you are freak-out. Try to be calm when get lost. Don’t try to go further looking for the way out. Stand where you are and light a fire to keep yourself warm and at the same time give out signal for your friends or other people to reach out to help. In the meantime, try to take a rest, have some foods. This moment, the better your prepared with your equipment, the higher chance of survive you will have.
5. What will you do when get lost in Fancipan? The best advice is not to hide yourself in the deep valley, even there is water. Why? Because it is the place of night snakes and meat-eating animals. You should not to build a tent under a big tree because big rain can break the tree and fallen tree can kill you. You should find a higher place, pick some fresh woods, break it in to smaller pieces and light a fire. If you want more smoke to send a signal, find some fresh leaves and throw them in to the fire. Thicker smoke will be a good signal for other to reach out to
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