Don T Fear The Reaper Analysis

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Death is part of the everyday life and always will be. In the poems by Blue Oyster Cult “Don’t Fear The Reaper”, Kansas “Dust In The Wind”, and William Cullen Bryant “Thanatopsis” they all discuss death. Even if the three poems are about death, they all imply different meanings.
While all three poems are all about death, they all have a different point. “Don’t Fear The Reaper” has an intended point talking about not being afraid to go. Do not be afraid of the reaper so, don’t be afraid to let go. “Dust in The Wind” has an intended point saying how humans are just these little specks in the wind that come and go. Finally, “Thanatopsis” has the point of just live life to the fullest. Don’t pass having regrets. Do what you have always wanted to do and just make memories.
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The poem is talking about how people shouldn’t fear death and how they should embrace it. For example, there are lines in there that say “40,000 men and women everyday” to represent that everyone is just one in forty thousand people and death happens everyday. The poem is basically saying death is a normal thing. Finally, if any of the poems were to glorify life, it would be “Thanatopsis”. This reason is, it talks about how everyone should live their life to the fullest. When someone passes away, they want to be able to go without having any regrets. At the very last paragraph, the first two words are “So live” initiating the meaning to live the one and only life humans get to the
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