Don T Give Up The Fight Poem Analysis

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The theme of “Don’t Give Up The Fight” and the legacy of Jesse Owens is similar. They are similar because they both overcome obstacles in their way. However, they show this theme in different ways. For example, Jesse Owens was an African American who was discriminated by many people while Ava was bullied by her fellow peers on her track team. While both of these stories share a common theme, the scope of the discrimination for Jesse Owens was much larger. Jesse Owens was not just discriminated by ordinary people but by world leaders like Hitler. In the passage “Don’t Give Up The Fight” Ava was bullied and segregated by other boys on her track team just because she was a girl.

The theme of the story “Don’t Give Up The Fight” is overcoming obstacles. The theme is overcoming obstacles because Ava in the passage was discriminated by her teammates and had to overcome her adversity. The quote “Ava, are you dead? At that the team shed fake tears and sobbed at the fake death,” shows that Ava is getting bullied by all of the other kids on her track team. Not only are the kids bullying Ava but her own coach is also. For example, Mr. McCoy said, “You guys are so funny” when the kids
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Overcoming obstacle is the theme because he was segregated and discriminated against his entire life just because he was an African American. The quote “although I wasn’t invited to shake hands with Hitler I wasn’t invited to the White House to shake hands with the president either.” This proves that he was discriminated by Hitler and the leader of his own country that he was born in. In addition, the millions of people in the Berlin games also discriminated him and the color of his skin. Because of all the discrimination, Jesse Owens ran harder and harder and improved his running skills because of the discrimination. This shows that Jesse Owens overcame many obstacles such as discrimination and
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