Don 'T Judge The Book The Cellar'

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“Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover”

The theme that emerges in Natasha Preston’s action-thriller “The Cellar” is you should never judge a book by its cover. Summer, Lewis, and Clover all get misjudged. This demonstrates that people in this world judge people on looks and their other features. Other non-important characters think Clover is innocent because he’s a lawyer, but during the night he kills and kidnaps people. Clover kidnaps the pure and kills the dirty and disgusting. First Clover goes to the park in the middle of the night to kidnap his next victim Summer. “‘No. Sorry,’ Gulping I took another step back and scanned the area in the vain hope that one of my friends would be nearby. ‘I’m not Lily,’ I mumbled. ‘I’m Summer you utter
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In the book, Clover thought that Summer was an innocent, beautiful girl who would live with him forever, but in reality, Summer was the conniving little mastermind coming up with ways to escape and found a least one of the other three people in the cellar to help try to escape too. When Clover comes down for dinner, he thinks of how beautiful Lily is and how she would stay with him forever. “ Lily entered the room behind Poppy, and I smiled. I could see why Lewis loved her. She had natural beauty, one that she embraced rather than plastering on thick makeup. ‘You’re very tense.’ She bit her lip. ‘I have a headache. I’ll be fine, though.’ ‘Lily I’ll bring you some aspirin. I don’t want you suffering.’ She stared on with a bemused expression. ‘Thank you,’ she muttered. I brought her hand to my lips and kissed her knuckles. Her eyes flicked to the floor. Still so shy. I sighed. How long would it take for her to feel confident and at home?”(Preston 275). Next, Violet and Summer start planning to escape the hell hole, so they don 't have to live a lie anymore, but Violet plans the escape too early. “Before anyone had time to blink, and more important, before Rose and Poppy had time to register what was happening, Violet struck him over the head with the pan and launched forward. No one made a noise I expected Rose and Poppy to scream they weren’t expecting it, but they didn’t. Clover stumbled a grand total of two steps, and by the time…show more content…
In the book Clover misjudged Lewis. Clover thought that Lewis would have given up after a while, but Lewis was not going to stop until her body is found and Clover misjudges Lewis’s smarts and realizes that Lewis is on to him. At one point in the book Clover went insane because he thought that Lewis knew he kidnapped Summer. “‘She’s very lucky to have you. Some people would have given up by now’”(Preston 273). After this happened, Clover gets very paranoid that Lewis is coming to get him. “My throat ran dry. Why did it sound like he was saying that about me? I looked to my right, away from him. He knows. He’s found you out. Mother’s right, you can’t do anything properly. You’re useless. Pathetic. A failure. I pursed my lips, ignoring the agonizing tear in my heart”(Preston 272). Next Lewis starts asking personal questions to Clover and he does not like it. “‘Hmm.’ Where was he going with this? Why did he want to know that? He was trying to figure out if I had a wife. Why? He was planning something. He’s coming to get you”(Preston 273). While Lewis still looking for Summer, Clover gets really paranoid because Lewis won’t give up and will find her. He’s also getting paranoid because Lewis has asked him so many personal questions and that is making Clover feel very scared that Lewis knows. The fact that everyone judges each other by what they say look like and other features is bizarre because you
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