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Earth contains many organisms (i.e. plants, animals, or microorganisms) such as spiders. Spiders are generally known by the fear they create, but even though they bring fear to many people they play a significant role to our ecological community. Spiders are nature’s pest control. Due to spiders eating pests such as roaches and other insects, they have helped farmers maintain healthy crops within their farms. Not only do spiders help farmers, but it has been showed in a study how they can play a role in fighting the spread of the disease Malaria. Due to that spiders have played a beneficial role as being the predators within the food chain. On the other side, spiders are also the prey for other organisms. In either positions spiders do play a role in the ecosystem; their risk of endangerment also risks the stability of our ecosystem. Overall, spiders have a significance in our ecological community. Spiders are predators of insects and other spiders. Due to their diet of eating insects and pests that destroy farms they help farmers in their crops. For instance, according to Dr. Linda S. Rayor, Assistant Professor of Entomology at Cornell University, she gave reliable information when interviewed for the article “Don’t Kill Spiders”. Dr. Linda S. Rayor stated,“Spiders are beneficial inhabitants of any garden,…show more content…
For instance, due to them eating insects and other organisms they help farmers maintain their crops healthy. Spiders can also help prevent more people from getting infected of Malaria. Not only are spiders beneficial predators but they are also the prey for other organisms. Spiders are another food source for many organisms in the food chain. In many ways spiders are important in the food chain; they affect the chain no matter what role they play. Thus within this research, it has helped bring more light of how spiders play a role in the food chain and how their population decrease can affect our ecosystem

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