Don T Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys Analysis

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In today`s culture, there are stereotypes in every setting, especially music. Stereotypes are ideas or images of something of what it is supposed to be depending the current culture. Music is everywhere and some people believe that the music we listen to, define who we are. This could be true but it is also unfair to assume we know somebody based on the music they are associated with. You can stereotype music based on a song or a whole genre. Stereotypes in every context are bad, but in music you can generalize listeners based on the type of music they listen to which is unfair to the artist and the audience. There is a stereotype of rap music that the context only consists of money, sex, drugs and swearing. In the music video and song of “Gangsta`s Paradise” by Coolio, the lyrics and meaning behind the music video…show more content…
The stereotype of country music is that the audience is filled with cowboys who love America and drinking beer. “Mamma`s Don`t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys” by Ed Bruce is where the singer is describing the life of the cowboy and how they live a tough, busy, and lonely life even when they are loved. Ed Bruce is telling the audience to raise children to be doctors or lawyers, something successful unlike the lifestyle of a cowboy. The song did not reinforce or deny any stereotypes of the country music genre, but made people think that there is more to the life of a cowboy than riding horses. It made the audience take a closer look on the context of the music and their original idea of a “cowboy”. A stereotype of pop music today is that all its listeners are teenagers who do not care about the substance of music if it sounds good and is fun to dance too. Even though some pop music is like that, a lot of current pop songs have a deeper meaning. “Bad” by Michael Jackson reminded me a lot of “Gangsta`s Paradise” talking about how an induvial must act a certain way based on where they live or socioeconomic status. In the music video,
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