Don T Play Victim Analysis

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Don't Play The Victim
It can be easy to claim victimhood when we get tangled in a web of mistakes. The only thing that it does is make you want to give up and walk away. This isn't going to help, the best way to move forward and seize the day is by embracing your mistakes and taking a lesson from it. Forgive yourself for the mistakes and take the lessons with you as you move to achieve your goal. Feeling sorry for yourself is robbing you of your happiness and preventing you from living out your dreams.

Manage Negative Thoughts
We are often our own worst enemy and when our thoughts race through all the worst case scenarios and whether we have what it takes it makes a lasting impression. Take notice of those negative thoughts that you're
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Your first step is in understanding what you need to do before you can act. For example, if your plan is go back to school and study a new course at the local community college then you need to first think about what it will take to get you there. Yes, it will be amazing to go back to studying, it's an opportunity to rebuild your life and change the things that you don't like. However, how are you going to make it happen? A good start would be to track down the people who have been there and done it and pick their brains. Share what you're thinking with your close friend(s). Not only does it put your plans out there and solidify them in your mind, but it's a great way to talk you through your ideas and get a true sense of your…show more content…
Once you have identified what you want and what you need to do to get it... you need to be disciplined enough to stick to the plan. A lot of people know what is expected of them, yet rather than making the necessary changes will fall into old habits and then hope it all falls into place. If that's your plan then your dreams will never become a reality. Instead, it's vital that you are passionate about your goals and dreams, so much so that you are willing to go to extreme lengths to avoid sabotaging
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