Don T Stop Believing Analysis

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Feeling alone and useless is one of the worst feelings in the world. The song " Don't Stop Believing" by Journey, brings out the strong message not to lose hope no matter how lonely and alone one may feel. This song can open one's eyes to allow them to see the world but does not let what is out there hold them back. "Don't Stop Believing" allows everyone to relate to one another and distributes the message that even when life gets rough, one must push through and look at the bigger things that are available in the world.

When BBoisProduction released the music video "Don't Stop Believing" in 2007, it was automatically a number one hit. The band, Journey, used this song to be able to connect with people all over the world to show that even though we are from different places we still experience the same feelings. These feelings are the ones that make you feel worthless and feel like it
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During the music video, the city boy is only being cited. However, this conflicts with the actual song with the song attributes both the city boy and small-town girl so that anyone can connect to the song. By only recognizing the boy, some of the audience is cut out, making the song not as effective. Along with the fact the video does not use both characters, it also fails to contribute come back to the care and not give up on working on it. During the very last verse, the band sings "Don't stop believin'" meaning do not give up and keep pushing until the goal is meet. Unfortunately, the boy never reaches his goal of fixing the car because he brushed off the feeling and did not return. This defeats the purpose of Journey's song because the main point was to never give up on what you want to achieve, and while achieving that goal to stay positive and hopeful. Since the boy never returned to the car, he never achieved his goal of fixing it and moving on. Instead, he brushed it off and forgot about it and moved on in
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