Donald J Trump Political Cartoon Analysis

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Republican candidate, Donald J. Trump, was inaugurated as the forty-fifth president of the United States. Many believe he will be a great president leading the nation to prosper, while others presume Trump will demolish everything achieved by previous presidents. In this political cartoon, the setting takes place in a doctor’s office because as a reference to the current health insurance issue. The cartoon demonstrates a doctor is examining x-ray results of a patient. The doctor with quotations also reveals the delay in a removal process. Per the political cartoon, a patient is sitting on a medical table with a squid suction cupped onto his face. The patient is implied to be a patriotic American because in the corner of the room a red-white-and-blue jacket and top hat are hanging on a hook. Usually, when getting an x-ray some patients are asked to remove certain articles of clothing for examination. As the doctor examines the x-ray, he approximates the diagnosis for removing the squid attached to the patient. The cracked-looking…show more content…
The exaggeration of the squid’s depicted details highlight the message that Obamacare is old and needs to be removed as soon as possible. Also, the GOP is depicted as the doctor because the Republicans feel as though they have the answer to everything and can solve problems. While the patient is an American who is need of help in a timely manner. Hence, the political cartoon addresses the current repeal of Obamacare. As a matter of fact, for low-income adults, the GOP plans to eliminate their enhanced federal support for the states. Taxpayers and Americans will eventually save money because they won 't have to pay for other Americans without health insurance. Thus, the issue the cartoon addresses are the notion of Republicans trying to help Americans by repealing Obamacare to save their money, however, it seems it will take a while longer
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