Donald Jeffrey Case Study

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Violent Cases of Abuse, Rape and Assault: Jeffery was Given a Life Sentence. Donald Jeffrey, 45 year old, a violent and abusive man denied in front of the court of his crimes. He has no regret on five abuses he made. He acted in a way as if he has lost his memories. He even denied to accept his 13 charges and six assaults on women. Two of the severe charges that came against Donald was that: “Jeffrey has committed a worst crime. He did not even pulled a woman’s teeth with the pair of pliers, in fact he went to the verge and tried to hit her head and body with a hammer. Pushed her into water so that the lady was unable to breath.” “The other incident was even more terrible. He beated a pregnant women with a wooden stick. Donald was inhumane person. He harmed that lady body austerely.”…show more content…
You are a savage man. It is very obvious from the crimes you have committed that we cannot let you hurt people more. We will keep you as long in the jail as we can until you tries to lift off your fingers.” The Judge did not give him a ‘Lifelong Restriction’ instead he jailed him for 20 years; for Donald’s involvement in cases of assault, abuse, rape and, sexual and serious assaults. He repeatedly made assault on his former two partners. One of the lady was severely injured from October 2009 to 2011. The other was stabbed with a fork, knife and a gun on head from 1994 to 1998. Jeffery was previously imprisoned for firearms offences. This time he was not even guilty on his crimes, thus Judge decided to slam him for his conduct by giving him a life sentence. The barbaric person should not roam in public as his a threat to their life and
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