Donald Schon's Model Of Reflection Essay

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I have chosen to use Donald Schon’s (1983) model of reflective practice to reflect on my behaviour management. I feel this was the most suitable model of reflection as it allowed me to reflect-on-action. I have worked at a local school in the reception class for the past three years; each year the number of children in the class has increased and this has influenced the frequency of unwanted behaviour. The current class contains children of mixed ability, English as an additional language (EAL) and special educational needs (SEN). The children’s behaviour can occasionally be challenging as they display verbal and physical characteristics that are inappropriate in the setting. All children respond to different behaviour management strategies. The strategies I use correspond with the schools behaviour management policy which outlines the use of: a traffic light system, golden time, missing playtime and positive and negative reinforcement. However, there are numerous children with in the class who do not respond to the…show more content…
I used my knowledge of the child’s interests and created a ‘Frozen sticker chart; I knew that this would have a positive impact as she would enjoy receiving a visual form of positive reinforcement. When this strategy was first introduced, the child’s behaviour was exceptional, she valued the praise she was receiving and was pleased with the stickers she received. Subsequently, this had a positive effect as it began to enforce positive behaviour. This corresponds with Skinner’s (1904) and Thorndike’s (1874) theory suggesting that conditioning takes place through reinforcement (McLeod, 2015). Unfortunately, the sticker chart no longer has the same impact on the child’s behaviour and we are now introducing new strategies such as: missing play time, missing golden time and having to visit other
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