Donald Trump: A Translucent Cartoon

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A Translucent Cartoon In the article “Donald Trump is not the GOP 's biggest problem,” by David Horsey of Los Angeles Times, a visual aid is used, especially a cartoon, to comment on a statement made by a Republican presidential candidate namely Mr. Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida. He says that his fellow republican rival in the presidential election Donald J. Trump is not a good representative of the values characterizing their party. That cartoon is actually in contradiction with Jeb Bush 's statement because it shows how well Mr. Trump fits the different groups of Republicans such as the Birthers, the Tea Party, and others, but it does not consider the fact that not every simple person in those branches of the Republican Party or…show more content…
Third, one of the Trump personage wears a shirt saying Mexicans go home. That is also one of the major points argued by Donald Trump on his immigration plan that he published during the campaign. Donald Trump thinks that it will be good for the United States to build a wall along its border with Mexico because of the problems due to illegal immigration such as the killing of some Americans. Several people have been killed lately by people with criminal records, living illegally in the United States. For instance, Kathryn Steinle, 32 years old, was shot and killed in San Francisco, California, by an illegal immigrant. Likewise, the cartoon makes a representation of Donald Trump as one of the rich guys. That symbolizes the Republican Party too, for the Republican Party has always been considered as the Party of the rich American capitalists and the Party that protects the Rich guys. Hence, once again, Mr.Trump is shown as the voice of some American rich people and families of those who have lost their lives because of the crimes committed by illegal…show more content…
Furthermore, one of the biggest problems faced now by Republicans is how to win the presidential election. The Republican Party has been worried about how to win the Latino votes since this very part of the population has become very important for the electorate. Republicans think that without that important part of the population, it is going to be very difficult for the Party to elect another president in the White House. That shows how impactful Trump 's stand can lead the Republican Party to a big loss because it gives a strong advantage to Democrats that tackle the same question in a very different way. Regarding what as been said, Trump 's stand does not fit the Republican 's strategy. Even though Mr.Trump is earning a lot of support from some of his fellow Republican partisans, there is still a lot of people out there who disagree with his point of view. Among the Republican partisans, many support Donald Trump but not all of them. The cartoon does not show that part of Republican partisans and ordinary American citizens who do not agree with Trump, except Jeb Bush; which makes it more on the

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