Donald Trump Argumentative Essay

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I. Introduction Donald Trump: American Hero or Villain? For many Americans, Trump is seen as the long-awaited saviour of the nation. Others see him as the man to start World War III. In my paper, I will analyse Donald Trump’s political activities before and after the election to get an objective viewpoint of America’s President. We’ll start off with the history of Trump, both personal and political, to see whether there was some sort of significant development over the years indicating a tendency towards ‘good or evil’. Next, we will take a look at what Donald Trump promised to do – the wall, lowering taxes and repealing Obamacare to name a few – and evaluate if he managed to keep his election pledges. This success rate is a major factor in definitively assessing Trump’s influence on America. Lastly, using three major topics, we’ll gage how the President handled new events in the country, regarding the measures he took to counteract threats and his public statements which indicate if things important to the public are also important to Trump. The tense situation in Puerto Rico is an example of an unexpected catastrophe that required him to take action and can be used to judge the President’s willingness to help. Good and bad, heroic and villainous – those are rather subjective concepts, but in this paper, they are measured by looking at the eventual outcome for the United States altogether as well as individuals affected by certain events. It will be interesting to see

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