Donald Trump's Influence On Women

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Actress Lena Dunham (2016) stated that Trump’s invective takes women back to a time when they “were meant to be beautiful and silent”. Beautiful, you might say about the distaff side in Hollywood, but on no account can you claim that they are silent. Celebrities have spoken up with unprecedented zeal and aired their views in potentially one of the most influential movements of all time. Although Donald Trump won indeed the elections and became the president-elect of the United States, the campaign was the target of harsh criticism, especially from celebrities mainly because of his racist, sexist and discriminating speeches. The American people have never been known for being hesitant or weak-kneed when it comes down to freedom and principles,…show more content…
As a reaction following the hitherto-unreleased video of the Republican candidate pontificating and making lewd comments about women, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger stipulated that he is American long before he became republican and that he will not be voting for the republican candidate (Brown, 2017). Pertaining to the very same matter, the notoriously shy actress Olivia Wilde fired off a flurry of tweets and other strongly-worded statements chastising Trump’s disrespectful stance on women. The most trending posts included the hashtag #NeverTrump (2016). As it has transpired, Hollywood’s finest and most devoted took the bull by the horns since the very beginning when they felt it was…show more content…
Having closely followed both pre and post-election events, I can only subscribe to their views and relate to their vehement opinions. Nonetheless, in my belief, of all valiant and inspiring statements, the one proscribed best Trump’s politics belongs to Veep star Julia Louis-Dreyfus (2017), who, in one sobering acceptance speech, used the term “un-American” to speak of the immigrant ban. If all electoral events and tidings were to be summed up in one adjective, this would be the most accurate and pertinent
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