Gun Control Argument Analysis

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Gun Control
Donald Trump, the president of the United States, is very positive when it comes to gun rights. He argues against the limitation of guns. He believes that limiting the publics access to firearms makes them more and not less vulnerable to gun violence. Donald Trump believes that making gun reforms are a bad way of solving the problem. He supports his argument by saying that making strict gun laws will lead to a time where only the terrorists and bad guys will have guns, leaving the other citizens unarmed and unprotected. He believes that the people are responsible for killings with firearms and not the guns.

The first and second debaters in text 2 share the same attitude towards gun laws as Donald Trump. The text compares guns with cars. It talks about that even though cars kill many people every year they are not banned, so why should guns be banned. The texts are mainly against banning guns, but the first debater believes that running background checks are important for the safety.

Another point of view on this matter is given in text 2 by the third debater, where the writer argues for banning guns. The debater supports this argument by
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The text uses an advanced vocabulary and is therefore characterized as high style. The language is high style but the writer still uses contractions like “it´s” in the text. The third text is an interview with Michael Moore. He asks a rhetorical question in the interview, “Well, how has that worked out?”. The effect of using a rhetorical question is emphasizing a point. In this context, it is Michael Moore emphasizing that the MPAA were wrong when giving an R rating to his movie “Bowling for Columbine”. Text 3 also uses logos when talking about the rise in mass shootings. He writes “In fact, there have been more mass shootings in the US than days in 2015”. He uses logos to prove that guns really are a big problem in the US and that we have to act to stop the mass
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