Donald Trump Authoritarianism

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Thesis: Donald Trump if elected would make a terrible Republican candidate for president. Sub ¶- Authoritarianism If economic inequality is a problem, loss of traditional values is a fear, and the Hispanic vote is crucial, what explains the political rise of a twice-divorced, three times married, New York real estate man whose best-known phrase was, "You 're fired “and now makes offensive comments about Mexicans and immigrants? In a study at the University of Massachusetts, sampling of 1,800 that education, income, gender, age, ideology and religiosity had no significant bearing on a Republican voter’s preferred as a candidate. According to the study conducted by Mathew MacWilliams, “a single statistically significant variable predicts whether…show more content…
In each question the individual was asked which one of the two traits were more important in children. “Independence or respect for their elders; curiosity or good manners; self-reliance or obedience; being considerate or being well-behaved.” These questions were used to characterize people who are likely to support strong leadership, loyalty, and hierarchy. “Those who picked the second trait in each set- what experts call “authoritarianism.” That many of Trump’s supporters share this trait helps explain the success of his unconventional candidacy and suggests that his rivals will have a hard time winning over his adherents.” (Ehrenfreund). Many of Trump’s supporters share this trait and helps explain the success of Trump’s candidacy. In an interview conducted by Peggy Noonan for the Wall Street Journal she had a conversation with an old friend who is a supporter of Donald Trump. The women who she interviewed is “in her 60’s, resides in north Georgia near the Tennessee line, and lives on Social Security” ().”In 2012 she voted Republican, disappointed in Mr. Obama not from the left or the right but the center: He couldn’t make anything work or get anything done” (). When asked, “So, why trump?” she answered “He’ll get things moving.…show more content…
Conclusion The reality is that Trump has no experience whatsoever in government, has bad financial history, is insulting, and lacks morals. He has shamefully little knowledge of the issues facing the country and the world, and a temperament extremely unsuited to the job. Trump’s popularity may simply be the product of a dangerous combination of a split two-party system and radical tactics on the campaign trail and Capitol Hill (such as shutting down the government and threatening to default on U.S. debts) that has convinced many Americans that their government is irreparably broken and corrupt. But Trump is not the answer. He’s just a distrustful manipulator playing on the very real frustrations of voters tired of a government that takes big, difficult problems and makes them unfixable. Those voters still have time to

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