Donald Trump: Charismatic Leadership

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Charismatic Leadership
Throughout Americas history we have seen great leaders, mediocre leaders, and in some cases terrible leaders. When classifying whether somebody is a good leader, it is necessary to define what a good leader is, and what attributes a good leader obtains. The definition of a leader is the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country. Both FDR and Donald Trump successfully lead a group of people and were able to build a foundation through hard work and dedication. Their road to leadership may differ, but the way their personalities have sculpted their leadership is indistinguishable. Both FDR and Donald are known widely for their charismatic personalities, and dedication, which I believe are two of the
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The ability to lead is one quality not many people obtain. To gain the support of thousands of people is something few achieve in their lifetime. This is something both Donald and FDR were able to accomplish. Although there is a lot of negativity surrounding Donald trump and his campaign, I would consider him a successful leader. His ability to grow from his mistakes and move on to improve his business proves to me his leadership style is effective, however I would not agree that Donald would make a good president of the United States. Racism is a very prevalent topic in our country and with somebody as outspoken as Donald is, it would be very destructive for our country. America is in a very delicate state in regards to immigration and remarks such as “ they are bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people” (Aleb, 2016), is an unacceptable comment coming from a presidential hopeful. Although FDR had an outspoken personality, his opinion on politics was significantly more reserved than that of Donald trumps. This one reason why I believe FDR was a great leader as well as a great president. He was able to maintain a strong balance between saying a lot and saying too much. This is one trait Trump has yet to have mastered. Trump often says whatever is on his mind, regardless of the repercussion, and because of this I do not believe Donald is the best option in pool of presidential
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