Donald Trump Douthat Analysis

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Article Analysis In my editorial, Ross Douthat criticizes President Donald Trump for his mistakes which alienate even some of his supporter base. Douthat focuses on two main problems Trump 's criticisms of Jeff Sessions and his mistakes in dealing with the Russia investigation. The author is trying to convince the reader that Trump is not fit to be president given his periodic out lashes against those who anger him although it is mostly due to his seemingly unstable mindset. The author uses pathos to emotionally draw in the reader by calling the president 's actions “an insanely stupid exercise”. This is because Donald Trump is a largely unpopular figure so attacking him in the first sentence would attract many readers who may not…show more content…
5.1 In the first paragraph Douthat refers to Trump 's actions as “a multitiered tower of political idiocy”. What the reader is supposed to understand is multi means many and tiers mean levels so essentially one has to make the connection that Trump 's actions are basically idiotic on many levels. The author wants the reader to imagine how dumb the president 's actions are by describing them as a tower. 5.2 In the fifth paragraph Douthat refers to the problems plaguing Trumps administration as a “tower of folly”. Again Douthat is trying to say that there are many problems by saying that Trump 's poor decisions are as big as a tower. He does this to further show that there are more than a few problems getting in the way of Trump 's plans ironically Trump himself. 5.3 For the most part, most of the paragraphs are of an adequate length usually starting off with well-sized sentences. Douthat mostly uses the first sentence of every paragraph to use it as a metaphor for a level after which he proceeds to explain what the problems are in the said level. Thus the first sentence is usually a little shorter than the rest to open up the way for an explanation. 6. Douthat concludes the article by restating that Trump is not fit for office and implies that he should be impeached. Basically, he is asking people to impeach the president as soon as
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