Donald Trump Negative Influence

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Donald Trump is known for several things such as being the President and Chairman of The Trump Organization, and also the founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts. Mr.Trump is also an American real estate developer, business author and political candidate. On June 16th, 2015 Donald Trump became increasingly popular due to the fact that he formally announced his candidacy for president of the United States for the 2016 election, seeking the nomination of the Republican Party. Throughout Mr. Trumps candidacy, he has announced numerous of his policies for his future presidency.
One of Trumps greatest prominent headlines in the media is about his policy with immigration.Trump has countless dreams of dealing with immigrants as he stated this, "When
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To begin with, Trump wants to abolish abortion, but have a few exceptions. His exceptions for abortion is rape, incest or health issues in women. Trump was all on abortion being instinct forever, until he changed his views to pro-life based on pro-choices. One of the reasons why Donald Trump changed his mind was for the reason that he had a friend that were a couple and they were going to have a child, but the family didn’t want it, eventually in life they kept it and the child grew up to be an excellent boy. On the contrary Trump has stated during a previous interview with a radio host that "abortion aspect of Planned Parenthood should not -- absolutely should not -- be funded." Mr.Trump finds it disturbing knowing that Planned Parenthood tends to sell baby body parts after they are aborted to the highest bidder. His opinion on this situation is that they shouldn 't fund in any way. If they fund, it should be for the positivity they give, not for the dreadful…show more content…
Trump wants to change it up. Starting with the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), Trump describes Obamacare as a catastrophe to be repealed or replaced. For that reason he wants to propose a health plan that will give the state authority and also operate under a free market principle. With this plan, Trump wants to follow it, provide choice to the buyer, also allow separate tax relief for health insurance in order to keep plans easy and affordable. As for Social Security and Medicare, he rather support these two topics rather than cutting them. In order to keep Social Security and Medicare he wants to grow the economy to keep the benefits. He has expressed that he would allow people to privately invest their social security money. He 's doing this for the reason that he feels its not reasonable for someone who paid into the system for ages to expect to get their moneys worth that is not an entitlement As for someone who has never smoked cigarettes or weed, drank coffee or alcohol Donald Trump wants to legalize drugs and use tax revenue to fund drug education. He also has stated in the past that drugs should be taxed and legalized "to take the profit away" from drug dealers." Trump also stated that “we’re losing badly the war on drugs” and in order to win it we must legalize it. In addition, Trump argued that tax dollars from a legalized, regulated narcotics industry could be spent on programs educating Americans
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