Donald Trump Pathological Climber

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America’s current president, Donald Trump, is constantly criticized for his twitter rants, temper, and rash decisions. While there are many supporters of everything to do with President Trump, there are many more who are starting to question his mental faculties and if he is the best fit for the job at hand. Donald Trump shows similar traits to dictators like Adolf Hitler, Kim Jong Un, and Josef Stalin, such as narcissism, psychopathy, and antisocial personality disorder. Should the President of the United States be forced to undergo testing to ensure that they are stable and do not possess such alarming traits before being sworn into office?
As a disclaimer, it must be stated that it is unethical for a psychiatrist to offer a professional
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Pathological climbers are people who will say or do anything in order to elevate themselves, rather than serve the common good. As seen during his campaign, Trump was quick to call his opponents slanderous names, and point out everything they had done wrong in their careers to try and throw the spotlight off his own short comings, rather than clear up simple issues like showing his tax returns (which still to this day remain hidden from the public). Why should the American people have the option to elect a person who only does what will benefit himself? Impressive Compulsive Disorder is characterized by the act of, in a sense hoarding, power (Sherman, “The Psychological…show more content…
The characteristics of a dictator are varied depending on the professional opinion, but there is at least one trait that is universal. Narcissism, which is characterized by one having fantasies of power and personal attractiveness, the self-perception of being unique, the need of constant admiration from others, a sense of entitlement, the exploitation of others for personal gain, being intensely envious of others, and being pompous and arrogant in demeanor (“A Psychological Portrait of President Trump”). These traits are a very apparent part of Donald Trump’s image. Also, easy to determine by looking at his tweets would be several markers for textbook psychopathy. Psychopaths are “usually charming, charismatic, and intelligent. They brim with self-confidence and independence, and exude sexual energy. They are also extremely self-absorbed, masterful liars, compassionless, often sadistic, and possess a boundless appetite for power.” (Fallon, “Mind of a Dictator”). It cannot be overlooked that he also shows prominent traits of antisocial personality disorder as well, which is best characterized by a lack of regard for the rights of
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