Donald Trump Persuasive Essay

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I believe that Donald Trump should be the President of the United States because he has a lot experience with running a company. He employs thousands of people and has an understanding of what it takes to run a business. Our country needs a President with that type of skill and experience (Long, How many jobs has Donald Trump actually created?). If Trump won the election he would demands high standards in the White House (Vorse, 10 Most Important Reason Trump Would Be A Great President). He would appoint people to his cabinet that are harding working dedicated people and hold everyone to a high standard of work ethics(Marshall, Another Reason My Vote Is For Trump). Last he is a visionary businessman and a leader making him a very good role…show more content…
Trump has done many amazing things in his life that has inspired so many people, he has taught us that we can’t truly be successful is we do not take any risks. He has also said that it is okay to break some rules, but not meaning that it is okay to break the law, killing someone, or rapping someone. He means that you don’t need to use the same method as everyone else. Trump has accomplished so much in his life it is amazing, Trump has made a major investment into the Grand Hyatt Hotel which has become very successful and made a lot of money, Trump later sold his share of the Hayyat for about $142 Million dollars (Kline, Donald Trump’s 5 Biggest Successes). Trump has also help bring the New York Wollman Rink back to power, in the first six months after opening after Trump came back and they had made a profit of $500 thousand on $1.5 Million in receipts (Kline, Donald Trump’s 5 Biggest Successes). Trump would be a great president if he won the election and republican nomination. Trump speak the truth and speak his opinion, even though he is rude sometimes he is just a very passionate person when it comes to America and our future. A present with these amazing qualities can be an amazing president to “Make America Great
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