Donald Trump Persuasive Essay On Education

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“Make America great again”, we hear this everywhere and we think of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. Trump has many plans to “make America great again”, including reforming education. He plans on making or schools safer than before, as well as, having a better education system than before. He wants to do this by having “American” teachers and “American” parents reform the schools. In his campaign video, “Education”, he uses color filters and pictures, as well as music, and a deep voiceover to show how our school systems are now and how he wants to fix them. The use of color in ads and campaigns can have a tremendous effect on the feelings it gives off. In Donald Trump’s “Education” campaign video a black and white filter is used when describing how bad our schools are. As the video continues, every new clip starts as black and white then fades into color. The use of the black and white filter gives off a depressing vibe that can cause the viewer to feel upset. Once the black and white fades into vibrant color, it gives off a sense of “oh, this can actually happen. Schools can be made better.” In addition to using color, the campaign ad also uses pictures to show improvement. The…show more content…
The music that plays in the background of the ad is slow and depressing at first. But then it starts building and builds anticipation. Finally it reaches the point of being hopeful and happy. This helps build emotion because people’s moods and outlooks can be influenced by music. Paired with the music is a voiceover. The voiceover is a man with a very deep voice. This draws in the attention of viewers. The deep voice gives off a more meaningful tone. It is almost soothing in the way he speaks. In the video the voiceover says, “Let every child regardless of race, class, or color, choose the school that’s best for them”. The way it is said is almost inspiring and will draw people to
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