Donald Trump Persuasive Essay Topics

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Currently Donald Trump is the GOP frontrunner with over 13 points more than his closest competitor Ted Cruz and has about 34% support in the large political mess of the Republican Party Presidential Race. This is no more a joke that we can just laugh at and Trump needs to be looked at seriously as a contender and he should not be able to run for presidency when his political platform is based on insulting others due to their religion or country of origin and using vague and eccentric promises that break the backbone of this nation in order to fix these “problems”. The two demographics that have faced the brunt of these attacks are the Muslim and Mexican Communities however Trump has not resisted insulting women, multiple newspapers including…show more content…
Finally, and this is the most distressing fact about the Trump campaign is that even though all the beliefs and statements above could just be plain talk and not action as many politicians do and he himself has not hurt anyone yet physically; the news is filled with the pain his supporters have caused and yet Trump says nothing! Even when one of the former Republican Nominees John McCain was asked about the rumour that Obama is Muslim, he responded by saying “No ma’am he is a good Christian man, it is just that we disagree on the fundamentals.” When Trump is asked this however, instead he smiles and encourages the lie. Furthermore when it came to his attention that one of his supporters beat a homeless man who is from Mexico senseless and then continue to urinate on him; instead of denouncing them Donald Trump simply smiles and comments that his “Supporters are definitely passionate.” Overall it is imperative that we as a nation should stop Trump before it becomes even more dangerous as he, breaks the constitution, has eccentric ideas that cannot be implemented and encourages violence from his supporters. We must stop Trump from becoming the dictator of the
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