Donald Trump Persuasive Race

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The current political events taking place in the United States right now are very intense and critical in many peoples lives. The events that are being brought upon include “Trump`s remarkably decisive win” in the presidential race. Donald Trump won this election using different strategies; some of the strategies that Trump took advantage of include gaining support from majority of the people in blue states, Trump`s financial success, and his different approach to the race. One constant Donald Trump kept throughout the race that set him apart was the support from majority of the blue states “which have large populations of white working-class voters” (4). In addition, Trump gained support from not only white America, but some minorities as well. Donald Trump used his business experience to gain support from White America when he elaborated on Mexico and his views on Muslims. To emphasize, the author says “But Trump`s anti-immigration and protectionist trade policies gave him a unique opening with white working-class voters, and he made the most of it” (4). Donald Trump presented pitches and…show more content…
By saying that, Donald Trump was at a slight advantage coming into the race. Donald Trump`s controversial comments on women and immigration captured the interest of many white Americans and white organizations with the same financial stability as him. According to the reading, “One study found that by May 2016 Trump had received the equivalent of US$3 Billion in free advertising from the media coverage his campaign commanded” (3). Donald Trump`s successful career and his money assisted him a lot because his organization “Get Out the Vote” was a liability for his campaign according to the writing. That free money in campaigning allowed Trump to have breathing room so his team could expand to even more areas and get his name to the public even more than it already was
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