Donald Trump Persuasive Speech

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‘Donald Trump, right man for the job?’

When did the world get so narrow-minded? Our newest president might have helped people in the past, like fighting against anti-Semitism and racism or flying a seriously ill Jewish boy from California to New York for medical treatment, but it is evident that maybe these acts of kindness did not mean anything to him as he has certainly changed his streak of running things.
I mean how do you elect a man so misogynist and obnoxious like him? Donald Trump looks like a plughole in an orang-utan sanctuary. And now that he has been elected as President, he’ll be the first man to use fake tan inside the oval office. Clearly, orange is the new black.
He’s a narcissistic, bigoted man and most of all a racist. How
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Just because someone is Muslim doesn’t mean that you have to him or her as terrorists. You cannot stigmatize a whole group or race just because parts of them have done frivolous acts that don’t have any purpose. Trump supports the construction of a multi million dollar, several thousand-mile border wall, because he feels that US borders have not been respected and protected properly. Fair enough, who doesn’t want to protect their borders from narco-bandits? But then to try to deport millions who have settled in America, whether it may be that they have lived there for years or for months, is completely wrong. Many of these illegal immigrants have settled there for years and have stared their new live in the US. By removing these people he might be separating families and splitting them up.
In my opinion, to vote in a man who only thinks of himself and prioritizes himself first rather than the people is appalling. The role of a president is to be chief of state. This means that Donald Trump would have to be a symbolic leader for the country and represent the nation that America is. Do you think he does? He does not and therefore, in the eyes of many and my eyes is not suitable for the role and does not represent the country that America
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