Donald Trump Racism

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Donald Trump is the embodiment of his political party and conservative American in far more ways than some realize. His comments of last November regarding a future without the prospect of an African-American President, is probably appealing to millions on the Right.

During a point counter point internet argument in 2008 the following was keyboarded into a messge board.

"White people will never elected a nigger president!"

The comment did not garner a response as it was clearly keyboarded by a seething racist who had revealed a paradigm that didn 't warrant continued interaction.

Existentially, the racist had exercised his Constitutional right to white privilege.

Over the course of President Obama 's Presidency, we have witnessed incessant reminders of the racist 's paradigm thought processes. Of course, the nation elected an African-American President and re-elected the president (by a wider margin) to a second term. Yet, millions across America embrace and cherish the racist 's sentiments. Moreover, the nation also has denizen 's who garner high levels of attention via carnival barking the very sentiments of the guttural intent racist.
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The multi-billionaire will not stoop to the level of racism exercised by the racist and via personal computer home baaed platforms. He will cloak his deep racism behind the aura of material success and reality TV
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