Donald Trump Rhetoric

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On December 7th, 2015, one of the presidential front runners, Donald Trump proposed his idea of blocking all Muslims from entering the country. According to Donald Trump’s Campaign, “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country 's representatives can figure out what is going on.” The first news outlet that was analyzed was CBS News. The article was specifically about Donald Trump calling for a “total and complete shutdown” regarding Muslims entering the country. Based on the way the article is presented, the news reporters are anti-Trump, but at the same time they use quotes and other articles to demonstrate this viewpoint. According to the reporters of CBS, “Trump’s statement…show more content…
The first biased statement that was noticed was the title of the article, stating, “Trump 's Muslim move: Why the media condemnation probably helps him (again), which obviously discredits Trump and his supporters. Fox News reporters and producers are obviously very anti-Trump and are discrediting him left and right. In the article, it is claimed that Trump “has been push[ing] the envelope beyond what anyone had imagined, igniting a firestorm, bringing condemnation from much of the media and political establishment, enabling him to dominate the campaign for yet another week,” and yet he still rises in the polls. On the morning of December 8th, Trump reportedly called several morning shows, battling it out to prove his point and not budging an inch. Although Fox News used quotes from Trump, his statements, and his interviews, they often picked out statements either discrediting Trump 's plans, or picked out statements of Trump discrediting other governmental officials. The rest of the article highlights Trumps offensive comments, painting him in a negative light, even though not all his language is considered offensive and slander. These particular articles about Trump are often negative, and one sided, showing anything negative, to discredit and insult the…show more content…
The last website that was analyzed was the social media outlet called tumblr, which often has portrays and displays a lot of incorrect and uneducated information, which is the ideal location to find biases. Tumblr account holders basically tore Trump to shreds. They took quotes and information from is statements and press releases and turned his words against him, making him look arrogant and dumb. Another topic that was highlight many times, was Bernie Sander’s reaction and claims to Trump’s campaign, stating that, “I [Bernie Sanders] look forward to beating Donald Trump – I would enjoy that race very, very much”. Many of these claims and slanderous statements directed at Trump were mainly based on opinion and very little fact, but all of these posts represent people 's reactions to Trump’s statements from previous days, which are well known to be offensive and
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