Donald Trump Role Model Essay

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Donald Trump: A Great Role Model
If you have checked your social media in the last two days, surely you are aware that Donald Trump skipped the Republican Party Debate. Trump decided to boycott the debate because he objects to the bias of the debate moderator from Fox News, Megyn Kelly. Whether his decision to skip the debate was based on the fact that he is afraid of her, or that he just greatly dislikes her, is unclear. The fact remains that she confronted him with his use of language to describe women and he is now a no-show. He may have been afraid that she would confront him again, or he was so angry at her that he decided not to go to the debate. Which one of these theories is the truth, we may never know.
Megyn Kelly confronted Donald
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The road to equality was a long and difficult one, we have made so much progress the last hundred years. Isn’t Trump just going to reverse the progress that is made? What message does it send, when we have elected a president who refers to women as pigs and dogs? I will tell you what message it sends, that this attitude against women is alright. It will create acceptance towards sexist language. When this accepted attitude spreads over the country, sexism will occur. So, by electing Trump as president we will reverse the progress feminists have made. If the president is sexist and gets away with it, this creates the feeling that everybody can. Young boys will see Trump as a role model, and they might pick up on his attitude towards women. They might think: “If Trump can say it, why can’t I?” This is a problem. We will be raising a generation of sexist men and women, because the girls will believe they are inferior to men when they are constantly confronted with sexism. Consequently, inequality will increase.
Donald Trump is sexist and it is beyond me how he got so far in this presidential race. Anyone who is planning on voting for Trump or is considering to vote for him, please keep in mind the consequences for our country when he does become president. The language the president of the United States uses is of great importance, since his words will reach and inspire

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