Donald Trump Slippery Slope Analysis

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Our country has gone through changes since we have acquired a new president, Donald J. Trump. The United States is divided over whether to support or oppose him. One of the most popular debatable topics right now is the entry of terrorist and refugees into the United States. Whether we should block off certain countries to protect the security of America. An executive order is implemented to block off certain countries entrance. A group of presidents from prestigious colleges didn’t agree with this order at all. They criticized this law using the fallacies of strawman, slippery slope, and appeal to emotion. Many students come from all over the world to go to the colleges in the United States. The group of presidents use the fallacy of slippery slope to display why the order shouldn’t be in enacted. The presidents believe if we barricade foreigners from other countries then the higher education of the United States will be impacted. Also, students from around the world show us the importance of religious diversity that’s a key point of America’s freedom. Using slippery slope shows the cause of preventing foreign countries from entering the United States wouldn’t benefit us.…show more content…
The words of Donald Trumps’ executive order are twisted into making it seem like Donald Trump is targeting certain religious groups. Which is the fallacy of strawman. The purpose of the law is to protect the nation from foreign terrorist entry into the United States not to target any country or religion. Distorting Donald Trumps’ word makes it easier to criticize him on targeting foreign countries than protecting the security of America. Persuading the audience to presume believe he’s against foreign
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