Donald Trump Language Analysis

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4. Donald Trump 's specific language Donald Trump has mastered the power of language to influence audience like no other politician. All his speeches are emotionally-charged. He uses specific and strong words put in rather short sentences. His goal is to make sure that the audience and potential voters will remember what he was talking about. The way he speaks is distant from the popular modern political rhetorical rules. He uses punchlines and underlines something he wants to be remembered by placing the most important word at the end of the sentence. The way Donald Trump is using the language is not common in a political world as most of politicians are rather careful of what they say during their public speeches or in the Internet. In…show more content…
He uses short sentences, he ends his phrases with the strong words such as ‘dead’, ‘trouble’ and then he repeats them over and over, so that his listeners remember better the message he intends to send. By using the second-person imperative mood he creates an impression that he addresses his listeners directly. For the great majority of people his language seems rather laughable or even horrifying. Some opponents of his claim that he feels absolutely no obligation to finish a thought or complete a sentence nor to explain to his audience what he is going to do in terms of policy. But those who are tired of a modern political rhetoric filled with vague, meaningless words may find Donald Trump’s language surprisingly refreshing and clear. Donald Trump does not employ any speechwriters. Whenever he talks, you know that it is Trump talking. His speeches are always emotionally-charged. Many times he does not refrain from using insults to make his point stronger. And perhaps the most marked characteristic of Trump’s language is that he constantly revises, amends and even contradicts his previous thoughts. He seems to be well aware of who his public is and what they want to hear from him and this may be the strongest asset of Donald Trump in the presidential
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