Donald Trump Persuasive Speech Analysis

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Personally, I find Donald Trump irrational and unsuitable to become the next American President. Accordingly, I have been having a trouble understanding the popularity and support he has. For this reason, I wanted to investigate on his speech, especially its linguistic features, in order to comprehend why and how people have faith in him.
Hence, for the written task for Part 2 – Language and mass communication of the course, I have decided to write an article by a critic in reaction to Donald Trump’s announcement of his candidacy for President of the United States, which was delivered on the sixteenth of June, 2015. An article is appropriate for this task because it allows me to express my understanding and opinion.
The targeted
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After considering running for president in 1988, 2004 and 2012, he finally made it official this time, and is running for the Republican nomination.
With his growing popularity, he probably thought it was about time. But you might wonder, why him? How can a man like him, so ignorant and with such extreme ideology, can even consider to run for the President? Why are some people attracted to him?
Well, listen to his speeches carefully. ( )
You’ll be surprised at the number of linguistic devices used, which allows the manipulation of people in believing in him. This, using rhetorical techniques, is exactly how Trump controls the crowd to gain supporters.
Firstly, he started off by saying “Wow. Whoa.”, expressing his awe and surprise for the number of people came to support him deliver the announcement. This casual expression already allows audiences to feel familiar with
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“big”, “beat”, “kill”, best” … You might think they are unimportant, but think harder. These one syllable yet powerful words do not require any thinking to understand and leave no space for interpretations; his messages are straightforward and simple yet strong. This allows people of any education level and backgrounds to understand his statements, which explains how he has support from the variety of people.
He constantly pauses to allow the audiences to react, to laugh and to applause. Although these pauses seem natural, it is actually all planned; he does not want you to miss any words he is
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