Donald Trump Victory Speech Analysis

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In Donald Trump’s Victory Speech and his campaign website “Immigration Reform” page, Trump has voiced his boisterous opinions and plans on the American immigration problem, but the language he uses verbally and on his webpages are significantly different. In Comparing these two texts the diction is almost foreign to one another, the contrasting use of syllables are great, the statistics are exaggerated, and the fallacies are abundant. Although these text bear the same ideological message, the differences between the verbal language Trump uses in his speech and the language of webpage are pronounced.
The level of diction is despairingly different between the two texts. Vocabulary is a major form of intelligence and education level, Trump’s verbal diction has been described as choppy, and at most, simple, while the web page is scholarly, cited, and advanced. In a quote from Trump’s victory speech
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He references to “criminals who crossed our borders” with Hypothesis Contrary to Fact fallacy, offering an ill supported claim on what might happen if conditions were different. The United States would still have crime within our borders even if we didn’t allow anyone else into the country, with the use of fallacy, he is implying that one, a large portion of the crime in the US is caused by central American immigrants, and two, that if we “solved” the US’ problem with undocumented immigrants that crime would cease. Secondly, He uses an appeal to emotion, telling the story of a senseless murder committed by someone who was undocumented. By doing this, he changes the mood of the stanza, he makes the audience feel remorse for the victim and maybe even bitterness towards the murder, and subconscious creating the connotation that people like him would do that same. Using the Flesch-Kincaid Test, it rated Trump’s webpage at a college level. Getting almost flawless scores in character count, words per sentence, and
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